Broadcast your ads by targeting a specific URL

GMW – Adserver 3.0

Gracia Media Web Adserver allows announcers to broadcast ads by targeting a specific URL, in addition of the usual filters, such as age and location.

As an example, a website which would be specialised in « Renault » branded cars would benefit for his campaign ads of exclusive destination landing pages, only in relation with that brand and not about a general car topic.

By referring to a specific content, you get an instant impact, with click rates being multiplied by 10 (average), lowest acquisition costs and moreover a better monetization of spaces for publishers.

data integration

Data integration

A dedicated account manager lists up all of the targeting needs of the announcer (keywords, targets, supports, landing pages, etc …)
This stage is a master key of our analytics skills to be able to provide the best optimised result with a perfect targeted selection.

Segmentation by url

Our customer account manager will approach your campaign by segmentation, first by starting website by website, and then URL by URL.
Once this operation is done, our creative studio will take care of the ads declination onto each URL in order to get a maximum capture of web users.

segmentation by url


GMW Adserver will take over the lead from this part by automating all the tasks and by tracing the data to the top of the customer interface in order to control display number, click rates, click numbers, and also the overall campaign performance.

Increase engagement

Results are immediately visibles, showing in an instant the engagement rate being multiplied by the average of 10. This index is easily measurable, and allow our customers to judge the quality of the campaign in a live time.

increase engagement
live reporting

Live reporting

A secured customer area, with simplified and easy using ergonomics is at the disposal of each customer to help him with following live time analytics. This way provides a full comfort for adjustments, budgets and modifications about the campaign settings.

Centralized monitoring

Centralised monitoring

Our last version interface is an intuitive technology, centralising on the same dashboard the maximum informations to help you get the best from this business experience.  The instant following analytics of the all campaign is accessible, without escaping the interface.

Clicks rates and numbers, campaign numbers, creation numbers, supports numbers and broadcast pages, etc …

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