Advertising formats

Choose the best ad strategy!

GMW Vision, be visible!

From your identity, your project, or your product, the best ads campaign will be the one with the best advertising format. Sometimes using a crossing strategy is relevant, get a powerful advertising instrument from our experience!

Native ad

Native Ad is a personalised format, perfectly integrated in order to match the design of the website page destination. This digital product is compatible with all type of devices and reaches a total harmony in between colours, graphical charter and the editorial line for better efficience.

Native ad - advertising
Video ad - advertising

Video ad

Launching a Video Ad running on the perfect targeted web page for your needs, is one of the best investment for increasing your sales or your users traffic. We are able to provide a full vision of the project, adapted creation, targeting destination, and optimal production.

Display ad

The display ad format is one of the very used in digital campaigns, it’s dressed up as a digital banner connecting the announcer and the publisher. This advertising method is frequently adapted for increasing the level of traffic. Compatible with computers, mobiles, and tablets.

Display - advertising
Ad notification - advertising

Notification ad

This strategy uses a special technology which allow a temporal message to pop up in a defined zone of the screen. Active and entertaining notifications allow to spread an advertising line up.

The different targetings possibilities

Keyword targeting

As a matter of improvement for your products visibility, the Keyword targeting is a tool and a key highly required to appear in the top list in search engines

IP range targeting

This ad strategy allows our customers a better segmentation of users, by blocking, restraining in order to get an exclusive and efficient selection of IP

Language targeting

As logical as it sounds, this ad targeting send your ads to users who would be able to understand it

Geolocation targeting

Geomarketing is used to extract datas form users location, country, region , zip, mobile devices, in order to provide to announcers a better knowledge to launch sharper ads

Contextual targeting

This ads method is mixing automated identity selection and displayed content. Showing a related ad to users of what they are already watching or searching

Browser targeting

Focusing on the browser, the potential of this way of advertising finds his power in designing and making a full campaign just for a specific browser

OS targeting

OS campaigns choose to target an operating system by mostly to announce on specific mobile devices, or versions for OS computer, laptop, or tablet

Device targeting

Device targeting is very efficient for display campaigns, by showing on time what kind of users are interesting to help growth your business

Provider targeting

This is the perfect match in between e-marketing and IT, working on real time datas and analytics tools, and currently define the tomorrow trends for your business.

Website targeting

This targeting method will focus on topics, population criteria, buying facility, concurrency analyse, all available datas left on websites. One of the best active business plan

Frequency limit

The ad frequency is process which is programmed and can be readjusted, but mostly depends of the type of campaign, products and brand

Time targeting

Knowing the perfect schedule to launch or shut down a campaign are skills our team is able to provide as the best performance tool